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Reasons To Start Eating Pomegranate


One of the favorite fruits, pomegranate offers more than just incredible taste. They are nutritional and healing power fruits. Here are reasons to start eating pomegranates or drinking their juice if you are not yet:

Pomegranate affects aging
Pomegranates contain a huge amount of antioxidants. Pomegranate juice measures 2860 on the scale of how well free radicals are absorbed.

Kidney protection
New research published just a few days ago in the journal showed that an extract of pomegranate prevents kidney damage and protects your kidneys against harmful toxins.

Pomegranate protects and regenerates liver
More new research published in other journal showed that pomegranate juice not only protects your liver, it helps to regenerate after liver has been damage.

Pomegranate boosts immune system
Pomegranates and pomegranate juice are full of immune boosting vitamin C known as an essential and quickly depleted nutrient especially at cold seasons.

Pomegranate is anti allergic
Pomegranates are high in substances known as polyphenols that have been shown to reduce the biochemical processes that are linked with allergies.

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